CCI North Ryde Bioinformatics Server

This server is maintained by staff from CSIRO Computational Informatics.


May 26 2015

Blue software page updated with version 1.1.3.

June 13 2014

Blue software page updated with latest version and publication details.

March 20 2014

Blue software page updated with version 1.1.0.

August 12 2013

Updates to the sparse.inv.cov software page.

Apr 8 2013

A new web page for Blue: a fast, accurate short-read error-correction tool based on k-mer consensus and context.

Feb 1 2012

CSIRO Bioinformatics Core is trialling ISA tools for the curation of experimental metadata. See the applications page for more details.


Publicly-available R packages are listed under “software” in the menu to the right. There is also a link to publications associated with our software.

Web applications

This server is a testing ground for bioinformatics web applications and databases. In general, access to these is restricted to CSIRO staff and collaborators. If you need access or have an idea for a useful application, contact Neil Saunders.